Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lace with Studs

Hi! Happy to be here again. Hope you gals are in your best time. *praying 
I use these holiday to have another photoshoot and hang out with my boyfie, yayyy (it's quite rare he has such four straight day-off) - -'

I really love lace and studded detail like i was about to post here. i bought this black blazer around 2 years ago, quite a long time, so, some of the stud are broken, hikss so sad :( but still, this is one of my fave outfit.

I pair the black blazer with white lace dress, which gives me some girly lookin, i hope hihihi and if you look at the bag, quite unique isn't it? I bought it when Zara is on sale. Well i must say: it was the "STUD" that gave me love at the first time about this bag. So, when Lace meets Studs, it gives both Girly and Edgy looked to me. What do you think? :P
Feel free to leave your feedback/comment, i could use the help.  See u on my next post! ◕‿◕。

♥Blazer&Dress: Online Shop♥
♥Bag: Zara♥
♥Heels: Zara♥

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