Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mad for Plaid

Plaid feels right for this fall. Red and black buffalo plaids are the hottest right now but then again, plaid has been on trend for a long, long time. I take my existing plaid shirt from my wardrobe then mix with plaid pencil pants and wedges boots for a look that's less school girl and more cool girl that will be hard to ignore.

And as optional for the final touched, you can add long coat with bright or bold color that you like. For me, i'm crazy for fall color like burgundy and dark green for now.
And ya like my promise before, i want to share about my experience attended Jakarta Fashion Week 2014 (JFW2014) last week with my fashion blogger fellas but sorry can't tell it on detail, it's just too many :P 
First of all, thank God that i have a lot of amazing fashion friends who super kind in giving me extra ticket for this show. I watched:
  • Juara presents Ardistia NY "Beauty Voyage"
  • Raffles Show (ABOCS, Peggy Hartanto, Claudya Marthen, MVLidya)
  • Angie Blaire "Fearless"
  • Oscar Lawalata "I am Indonesian"
  • Cleo Fashion Awards 2013 (CFA2013)
These are some photos which i took with iphone5 (so sorry for the bad resolution):
Peggy Hartanto - This season her collection are dominated with white color and you sure love the sexy cut-out detail the jumpsuit and dress.
Claudya Marthen - Love the amazing level of detail on all her collection, you can see it on the acrylic handbag and clutch also on the biker jacket and blazer.
MVLidya - Dominated with outfit that looks like raincoat along with the plastic helmet but in modern or you can say futuristic style which inline with her theme "Future Protection".
And there was Cleo Fashion Awards 2013 (CFA2013) from Cleo Magz to appreciate young and talented designers in Indonesia.  Congratsss to Massicot n Olenka who won the awards! *bigapplause
For complete photos and videos of JFW2014 & CFA2013 you can follow me on Instagram: RRaquel12. Thank you for reading, i appreciate much. See you all soon! :D

♥Black Crop Tee: Stradivarius
♥Plaid Shirt: Maize
♥Plaid Pants: Stradivarius
♥Green Long Coat: R.J Story
♥Bag: Celine
♥Wedges Boots: Mango


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