Thursday, January 2, 2014

Double Cheeseburger please...

First blog post of 2014! Thank you sweet readers and bloggy belles for all your love and support, hope 2014 will be better than 2013, wish this year can bring all our dreams come true. My dreams are you will keep reading my style blog and hope my fans number will growing up. 

Welcoming the New Year with a super cool foodie sweater from Mr. Gugu and Miss Go, black skirt, my new purchase boots and a clutch, both from Mango.
Love food? Then you'll love this new series of sweaters from Mr. Gugu and Miss Go with your favorite snacks front and center. 


  1. ginaa cantiik banget ! <3 love ure sweater by the way :)

    1. chris, tanks lohhhh muji mluuu btw ahahah jd "enak" wkwkwk :)))

  2. Hi regina, love your shoes so much! would you mind to follow each other? just tell me ;)