Monday, February 10, 2014

Blue Lace Dress

Beautiful detailing, made by high quality of lace and cotton that makes it comfy and long lasting so that you can use it for years. Also the unique design of this dress makes everyone who wearing it look like a doll and definitely grab attention. I adore the frill at the bottom. So unbelievably cute ♥_

Ok i am slightly obsessed with Three Floor, they are of the brand who have the prettiest dresses. This blue lace dress is absolutely heavenly and i love the nude shoes that i paired with it. Although the weather is still cold because of rains and i am beyond excited to be wearing my faux fur knits, coats, shawl, and hat. I just had to have one last twirl in my new dress, which is a total investment for next summer btw. hihihihi ;)

Ps: I chose the wrong size, i thought i don't wanna to be too tight so i can move freely but onfurtunately, the dress is quite big hiks. *sad
Thanks so much for reading. Happy Monday! I hope you have a great week :) 

♥Dress: Three Floor
♥Shoes: Zara

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