Tuesday, March 11, 2014

B&W Never Go Wrong!!!!

The outfit for today's post is more on the daily and basic style, i'm in the mood for flats and something comfy. For this look, my whole outfit are from Zara except the Chanel boy bag. I really love the blouse and the flounce skirt, it looks like they were made for each other and the classical trend on the combination of black and white can never go wrong. By the way, i purchased them when those are on SALE!! Yayy.. Zara's clearance sale was just too good to be ignored, i've been eyeing this set since it first came out. *dancing

I'm so happy when these very fashionable tassel loafers turns out perfectly match with my whole casual outfit. Last but not least, the addition of color pop statement necklace from parisian star brand Shourouk are completing my look and stunning so good on this blouse.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by reading my blog today. Good morning and have a wonderful day ahead.

♥Top: Zara
♥Skirt: Zara
♥Bag: Chanel
♥Shoes: Zara
♥Necklace: Shourouk


  1. eeh cantik amat sih sis ! love your loafers <3

    1. siss muji mulu ya kerjaannya!!! kamu jugaaa cantikkkk, mami aku smpe manggil kamu bule :))) thank you by the way sari

  2. waaah gorgeous! anyway i'm your new follower. in love with all of your outfit pics <33


    1. i'm newbie to blogging as well. so happy to have you here yunita, thank you so much for following me!!!
      just checked out ur blog, OMG i adore ur style babe and instantly fell in love with ur blog too. keep posting plissss hihihi :D
      God bless