Tuesday, March 4, 2014


So, previous 4 days i joined one event named INFARE (Indonesia Fashion Care) for the second time. What's the greatest thing about this event? Not only make money, i can also make room for new items in my wardrobe and heyyy make some new fashion friends is a great thing. Special thanks to Catherine (ABOCS) and Astrid (Red Market) for making it happen, again! Picture says a million words, so let's the photos talk. Enjoy darling :)
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Loading in our stuff on Wednesday midnite (please ignore our "Free Style") :p
@infare_ Day 1 (Me, Rehana, Vina, Valen, Sari)
@infare_ Day 1 (Valen, Rehana, Valer, Elen)
Thanks to u & ur mom, always brings a smile to my tummy
@infare_ Day 2 (Me, Gabby, Sari, Valen, Rehana)
@infare_ Day 2: Pose with Catherine, founder of INFARE
@infare_ Day 2 (Me, Lulut, Sari, Liz)
@infare_ Day 2 (Me & Valen)
@infare_ Day 2 (Me & Gabby)
@infare_ Day 2: Thank you so much Margareta for coming out to @infare_ event to shop and support us!!! 
I got a hug from my lovely girls, Astrid from Red Market & Rehana
Thanks for visiting us, Cathy :)
Why so adorable, Me with Sari & Liz
Thanks for visiting us, Pig :)
@infare_ Day 3: Pose with the twin towers girl. I adore that unique heels. You both rock! Anyway, thanks Valer (right) for the free wifi and Valen (left) to cheered me up big time. Much love mwuah :*
@infare_ Day 3 (Gabby, Me, Sari) 
@infare_ Day 3: Pig with the duck lips pose
@infare_ Day 3 (Gabby, Sari, Me)
@infare_ LAST DAY BIG SALE (Rehana, Me, Liz, Sari)
@infare_ LAST DAY BIG SALE: With the person behind L.I.N.F (Look I'm Not A Fluke), local brand that selling chokers for grungy hippie weirdos
@infare_ LAST DAY BIG SALE: With the person behind chrisnawatinovia.blogspot.com
@infare_ LAST DAY BIG SALE: With the person behind Silver Scented
I'm gonna miss this girl so much. Sister from another mother, Putri Valentina *bighug
@infare_ LAST DAY BIG SALE (Me, Rehana, Bertha, Vina, Sari, Winnie)
Visit from baby Sinchan Sam
Thanks beautiful mommy Erika for support after coming out *bighug

Last but not least, it's great to met all of you my fellow bloggers. Hope to see you again at Infare part III. And for those who came, thank you so much for stopped by and bought something from my booth. God bless you, have a nice day!


  1. Aaaa~ too bad I couldn't make it to the event, I would love to meet u and all other bloggers and of course to shop at your booth :c
    anyway you look so stunning and tall :')

    cheer, michelle

    1. hi chel! sayang banget yaah... hope to see you next Infare around! thank u for ur praise anyway. good night :*

  2. Love your cute outfit!
    It looks so fun there, I hope I can go there on the next infare!


    1. hello mei :) thank you :)
      yayyy i'll be waiting for u ya. see u Soon babe.
      God bless