Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"All About Rose" by Dorothy Perkins

Last saturday, i was honored to be invited to attend a special tea party in celebrating the launch of new collection "All About Rose" by Dorothy Perkins (DP). The event took place at DP Central Park mall, this event has been a great success, attracted a huge crowd that wanna see the exclusive "All About Rose" (since they're only available at DP Central Park and DP Grand Indonesia with limited stock). So, hurry and go get one!!! I'm afraid they only have a select number available now. 

I'm so lucky to get invited to come to the event and have the first preview of DP's newest collection. Also thanks to my fiancee as my private photographer during the event haha. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for always supporting me, take a lot of pictures and capture every moment for me to blog about! :)
A delicate white lace tablecloth and small vases filled with bouquets of red and pink tea roses
Zoom - Their tea party decoration
We were treated to nice tea party and fruit pie while we chatted to other bloggers
Me with Cathy Sie & Mitha Komala
Cathy Sie, Julian Tanoto & Mitha Komala
Me with Futri Murphy, Grace Alexandra, Mitha Komala & Cathy Sie
Me with mbak Atika Putri from DP
Me with Novarinna Tan
This is my favorite set top+short from All About Rose collection
The bloggers with mbak Adis & mbak Atika Putri from DP
The gorgeous fellow bloggers: Avellia Anwar, Putri Valentina, Bernadette Czle, & Novarinna Tan
Me with Cathy Sie
Me with Julian Tanoto & Cathy Sie
Me with Carleen Pranantio & mbak Adis from DP
Our last picture: The fashion bloggers with ci Vivin Ong (DP Manager) 
As if endless cupcakes, fruit pie and tea party weren't enough, we also received a goody bag which contained one piece from DP All About Rose collection. Oh i am a happy kid! *dancing

Again, thank you very much Dorothy Perkins for hosting such a fun launching event, it was great to meet new bloggers and sharing experience (app or blogging tool) and tips (some of you recommend me some places or beauty treatment). It was so much fun, hope to see you in the next event! Thank you

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