Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Super hot on the set today and a green army shirt doesn't look pretty at all. Anyway, I'm just trying other color that I usually wear. Today I go with neutral, since neutral goes with anything. Say white, black, brown. Or you can mix it with some brighter colors that you like and looks good on you such as red, yellow, blue, or hot pink. I paired it with stripe tee that unbelievably comfy and lovely, the black laser cut skirt and the shoes really add to this look. I got them all from The Editors Market.

Last, remember to wear the eye-wear to complements the outfit. Not only for protecting our eyes from the sun but it can also act as a bold statement piece to brighten up any look, especially when it comes to spring/summer season. The upcoming trend with sunglasses are shades with a cat-eye. So, i follow this trend and wearing my favorite sunglasses inspired by D&G. What do you think? Is it suitable for my face? ;)

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