Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kawah Putih

Hi, nice to see you again here! It's been a long time, i almost forgot to post this photoshoot that i took around last month at Kawah Putih Bandung. HAHA. 

Bandung is one of those cities that pretty much visited by people from abroad and one of the favorite tourist destination domestically. Truly it is a beautiful getaway. The atmosphere here is very friendly and cooler than most Indonesian cities, very ideal for spending a weekend. Also, don't missed to taste the delicious of Sundanese foods. For me, those are the reason why i love this city much. 

If you've never visited crater before (like me! :p), do visit Kawah Putih. It's an incredible experience and more important, absolutely breathtaking views of mountains and valleys but you have to be aware not too long spending time here since the H2S gas is not good for our health. 

About the outfit that i was wearing that day is so simple and beautiful. Kate Moss X Eleven Paris mustache tee, white shorts and i wore one of my new favorite baby, the Isabel Marant sneakers. So thankful that i can have something super comfy but still look stylish and cool.

Kawah Putih
Ciwidey, not far from Situ Patenggang (5km) and approx 46km south of Bandung 35.

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  1. great bag and shoes
    and gorgeous view either

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa