Monday, April 28, 2014

Welcome Summer!

Today's style post is all about flowers, neon and beach! Finally i can wear summer clothes, flowers crop top is my best friend at this moment in time. Stepped outside this morning and feel the summer, you just threw your comfy crop top on and everything was fine. 

This gorgeous crop top go with everything, either with regular jeans or skirts. This time i dare to wear neon. Say, fluo yellow asymmetrical skirt with flowers stripes crop top. And as the finishing touch, i choose this pretty strappy heels from Zara that complement the whole outfit. Clearly, Neon is here to rock. Dare to wear neon, fearless with bright colors! :)
What's your summer style?

♥Top: Online Shop
♥Skirt: Chlorine Clothe
♥Shoes: Zara

Monday, April 21, 2014

I got my eyes on you

Hey, happy to come back here, writing blog again for all of you haha :))
Last week, i had a super busy time running my small online shopping, got almost no time to update this blog. Just to share, i handled the process from receiving order, update inventory, payment to shipping all by myself.

Fiuhhh i think i need one awesome assistant ASAP!  Back to the outfit things, today i am wearing pink crop top that i bought from my friend, two tone skirt with a gorgeous piece of flirt eye necklace, pink rockstud bag and silver pointy shoes with ankle strap. :)

I hope you all like this post. It would be great if you could share your thoughts, feel free to comment below if you love or hate! Thank you xx

♥Top: The Scent Shop
♥Skirt: Picnic
♥Bag: Valentino Garavani
♥Shoes: Zara

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Blues

Back then was rather sunny, so i decided to wear some bright summer colors to go with the bright weather of course. This white and blue are such a delicate look, but also quite a bold statement. I think it's also good to consider swapping out burgundy and dark green and more summery blue as the weather warms up.

I like this top, beautifully detailed lace embroidered and it has some unique touches. Oh so cute! I paired it with a classic skirt style, blue pleated skirt and my handmade cut out beauties inspired by Balenciaga. I love the results so much hihihi. The last beautiful thing is this breathtaking Celine box bag, sunglasses and dream catcher necklace which complement my outfit.
Wish you a cheerful day ahead! xx

♥Top&Skirt: Online Shop
♥Sunglasses: Prada
♥Acc: Topshop
♥Bag: Celine
♥Shoes: Princess Chloe (Handmade)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Rainbow Skirt

I finally updated my blog! I am a rainbow today. All the colors of the world. I am a rainbow today. All the colors of the world are in me. I love the skirt so much because of the colors and style of the skirt and it fits me perfectly. Also not forget to mentioned the rainbow pencil skirt with the loubie multicolor pumps matching in both color. I wore it with a hot, gorgeous and comfy pink crop top that coordinates nicely with the pink purse.
Have a rocking Tuesday and hope you like this post! :)

♥Top: Marlan
♥Acc: Blooming Slowly (Endorsement)
♥Skirt: Online Shop
♥Bag: Louis Vuitton
♥Shoes: Christian Louboutin