Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Long Sleeve Peplum Top

These outfits are great casual outfits. Especially this signature peplum top is so cute, casual and perfect for casual days of jeans or shorts. Love the neutral color, they goes with almost everything and last forever. Am very satisfied with the material and also i should say that this top does something when you put it on. It gives confidence and comfort. I tried to keep it simple, mixed with short, orange lindy bag, and my fave black beauties.
Girls, what's your favourite casual outfit?

♥Top: Day and Night Clothes
♥Short: Forever21
♥Bag: Hermes
♥Shoes: Princess Chloe (Handmade)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Zebra Print Skirt

Oh hello again big sunshine! It was so hot when i took this photoshoot at TMII, but the view is worth the sweat. Here are some pictures of me in the forest. I wore a set that i bought online, constance bag, and Stella McCartney pair (they're shorter than the original but hey they look alike with the original, right?). Btw, i also got this set top and skirt at sale prices, only cost me fifteen dollars, and it's very cute. Uyeayy lucky me! :D
Zebra prints skirt, what do you think?

♥Top&Skirt: Online Shop
♥Necklace: Stradivarius
♥Bag: Hermes
♥Shoes: China Brand

Monday, May 5, 2014

Cloud Dress

Oh geez. What a week. I've been completely flooded with work and pre-wedding preparation. Trying so hard to get all things done before end of year. I still have few more months worth of work though. Photographer, make up artist (MUA), the handmade gowns which have to fit me perfectly, and etc are still on going. Also i still have to write in my lovely blog. :D

What am i wearing today? This is one of amazing dress from Re Shoppe and Yihaa Project's necklace. I adore this sky and cloud print on my dress. And this outfit is surely complete with the perfect pair of Zara nude heels and Chanel pink 25,5 and suddenly TARAAA i feel good about myself. 
Ciao, see you next week fellas! xoxo