Monday, June 23, 2014

Tank top and Jeans

Super hot weather at the photoshoot location today. I find myself keep sweating and sweating, it forced me ended up right back on my favorite white tanktop and beat up skinny jeans. This is a very plain outfit, i added a pattern blazer and epic black boots to make this summer outfit a little more stylish.

♥Pants: Mango
♥Blazer: ABOCS
♥Bag: Celine
♥Shoes: Princess Chloe (Handmade)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dominated by Yellow

Today's photoshoot take place at Mangrove Forest Jakarta and i'm wearing a BRIGHT outfit, not to mention the complex pattern and yellow dominated  :) 

I choose a set top and pants inspired by Moschino and combine it with a matching yellow Kelly bag and heels. This season is going to start bringing the happy summer back, scrap those black and grey, and play with colour and patterns. 
So, what colors dominate your wardrobe? Make your desicion today! *peacesign*

♥Top&Pants: Online Shop
♥Bag: Hermes
♥Shoes: Nine West

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fur is in the air

Hai today just a quick blog post to show you the last set from my last photoshoot. Some i did shared on Instagram but i would like to share it with you here. :D 

My favourite piece in this photoshoot is my fur top in white and i was thinking of buying the other color such as black, blue or tosca hahaha. Also this knit short that looks hot to wear, its apparently not. They look great together? Well, like i said on my post before, black and white outfit never disappoint me! 
I see you on my next post? :P 

Top: Veuve Blanc
Short: Blackheart Label
Bag: Hermes
Shoes: Zara