Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Abstract Skirt

Hello hello i'm back again. Do you miss me? hehehe :D
I love my outfit today. This Soiree heels was a recent JC buy and i'm really surprised how much i've grown to like it. Seriously can't get enough, i've been wearing this everywhere. As you can see here and here. :)

And this skirt!! What can i say, you know i have a weakness for skirt. This abstract asymmetrical skirt from Zara truly epic and such an art piece of work. I want to keep the top layers clean-lined so i'm pairing it with a white sheer details top to create contrast but still have a fresh look. Last but not least, adding two-face clutch to completing the look. 

♥Top&Skirt: Zara
♥Clutch: Mango
♥Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dolce & Gabbana

Obsessed with Dolce & Gabbana beautiful attire nowadays. Finally i found this perfect set top and skirt, big thanks to a friend to help me get the look. You just made my day, thank you again!! :*

Really love how they add a touch glamour and romance of Italian heritage to their collection in recent seasons. I try the exquisite black lace blouse styled with printed silk midi skirt. Then accessorize it with floral decoration sunglasses inspired by D&G, got it from Tale of Nightingales. Big thanks darling, happy to received the gorgeous baby and the details ahhhh what can i say? finest multi-coloured roses made from porcelain and handmade. Very feminine and romantic floral treat!

♥Top&Skirt: from my friend
♥Sunglasses: Tale of Nightingales
♥Acc: Cartier
♥Bag: Hermes
♥Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mermaid Skirt

Welcome back Mermaid Skirt!! one of a fashion and style must have. This silhouette combines fit and flare, fitted at the waist and flared at the hemline, creating a curvier silhouette. I paired it with my shabby pink stripes shirt and classic pink chanel 2.55 bag. 

Thanks to my sponsor VENICE by Yurike Venesia who sent me this stunning and lovely skirt! I love mermaid, it's so beautiful and well designed. Also mint color is my weakness so this is no exception...

♥Top: Singapore Brand
♥Skirt: VENICE
♥Bag: Chanel
♥Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Friday, July 11, 2014


My outfit today is a collaboration with Wearstatuquo, this is how i style the patterned pants. I appreciate the value of keeping it simple when it comes to patterned pants, so i find it way easier to just stick with solid on the top. But not only the top, the shoes should be simple as well. I paired a subcult project pants with stroll the street tank and the classic black pump from Zara SALE. 

Am very adore this look, simple, clean and so ethnic with the details on the side of the pants. Lastly is to completing the whole outfit with a dream catcher necklace.
What do you think? Now that patterned pants have become a trend, how you wear it? :) 

♥Top&Pants: Wearstatuquo
♥Necklace: Topshop
♥Bag: Celine
♥Shoes: Zara

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Et Cetera Summer Collection 2014

Hello everyone! Hope you are all keeping well. Very happy to finally sharing this new project with you. So, last two weeks ago ms. Ayuni from Fimela offered me to do a photoshoot for Et Cetera Summer Collection 2014 with a beauty blogger, Harumi Sudrajat. 

Of course no need for even one minute for me to say Yes! since i really do love this brand. 
In first two hours, i had a difficulty following the photographer instructions and my pictures didn't come out as good as everyone want. :(( But thanks to the photographer who didn't give up on me and still taking pictures as much as he can. Seriously i was amazed with the result. Hurray!!!
Look 1: Still confusing what to wear in the workplace this summer? Maybe you can try this office inspired looks by Et Cetera. Comfy sandal heels on, silky top and a blazer or cardigan on top for a more professional look. This blazer is one of my favorite from Et Cetera latest collection, it goes with absolutely everything. Then go for trouser in dark color because i want to keep it simple and classic. Skirt also look great with a cool layer top.
Look 2: Am pretty sure that all eyes on you when you're wearing a sequin dress. It makes even more important and difficult to choose the right accessories than the whole outfit. Since sequin so eye catching and striking, you should allow the dress to stand out by keeping the rest more low key because you don't want to appear over dressed. I just skip a necklace and wear a delicate bangle and pair it with sandal for a chic, wearable look.
Look 3: White lace dress is my weakness so this one is no exception! You can style it with anything easily.
Look 4: This look definitely would be my all time favorite outfit. In daily life, i prefer to dress up skinny jeans and a comfy silky blouse. You can wear heels or flats, it's up to you as appropriate with the occasion.
Look 5: Maxi Skirt Alert!! A maxi skirt is the perfect piece for embracing the trend, easy to style, comfortable, and chic at the same time. Styled with white lace tank and sandal, gold bangle and fringe clutch for super feminine look. Don't forget, we can still being fashionista all the way even though we feel hot these summer days.

Big thanks to ms. Ayuni, Fimela crew and all those who helped make this happen. Also to mrs. Sarah as a ETC Marketing Communication and the designer of ETC Collection, ms. Florentsya thank you for making it all possible for me. So proud to wear your beautiful clothes, keep up the good work! (y)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"All About Rose" by Dorothy Perkins

Last saturday, i was honored to be invited to attend a special tea party in celebrating the launch of new collection "All About Rose" by Dorothy Perkins (DP). The event took place at DP Central Park mall, this event has been a great success, attracted a huge crowd that wanna see the exclusive "All About Rose" (since they're only available at DP Central Park and DP Grand Indonesia with limited stock). So, hurry and go get one!!! I'm afraid they only have a select number available now. 

I'm so lucky to get invited to come to the event and have the first preview of DP's newest collection. Also thanks to my fiancee as my private photographer during the event haha. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for always supporting me, take a lot of pictures and capture every moment for me to blog about! :)
A delicate white lace tablecloth and small vases filled with bouquets of red and pink tea roses
Zoom - Their tea party decoration
We were treated to nice tea party and fruit pie while we chatted to other bloggers
Me with Cathy Sie & Mitha Komala
Cathy Sie, Julian Tanoto & Mitha Komala
Me with Futri Murphy, Grace Alexandra, Mitha Komala & Cathy Sie
Me with mbak Atika Putri from DP
Me with Novarinna Tan
This is my favorite set top+short from All About Rose collection
The bloggers with mbak Adis & mbak Atika Putri from DP
The gorgeous fellow bloggers: Avellia Anwar, Putri Valentina, Bernadette Czle, & Novarinna Tan
Me with Cathy Sie
Me with Julian Tanoto & Cathy Sie
Me with Carleen Pranantio & mbak Adis from DP
Our last picture: The fashion bloggers with ci Vivin Ong (DP Manager) 
As if endless cupcakes, fruit pie and tea party weren't enough, we also received a goody bag which contained one piece from DP All About Rose collection. Oh i am a happy kid! *dancing

Again, thank you very much Dorothy Perkins for hosting such a fun launching event, it was great to meet new bloggers and sharing experience (app or blogging tool) and tips (some of you recommend me some places or beauty treatment). It was so much fun, hope to see you in the next event! Thank you